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Don't Drip & Drive Program

Don't Drip & Drive Program

Don't Drip & Drive Program Website - Up and Running
You or your customers may visit this website to print the coupons, locate participating shops, and gather valuable information.

We have 81 ASA Members participating in this program.  Our ASA members shops adhere to a code of ethics to ensure quality service to the customer.  This program runs July, August and September 2014.

ASA Family Fun Night - August 26, 2014

Join your fellow ASA Members for a beautiful evening at Cheney Stadium on our own private party deck.
We we will be located on the NEW Bullpen Deck this year.

6:00pm - Gates Open
6:00 - Bottom of the 7th Inning - Drink Service
6:30-8:00pm - All You Can Eat BBQ Buffet
7:05 - Tacoma vs Iowa

NEW Menu this year - $39.00 - per person - All you can eat BBQ Buffet
All you can eat BBQ Buffet Hamburgers, Hot Dogs, Grilled Chicken Breast, BBQ Ribs, Potato Salad, Baked Beans, Potato Chips, Sliced Watermelon, Coleslaw, Popcorn  & Ice Cream Sandwiches
Drink Service - 6:00-Bottom of the 7th Inning-Beer, Wine, Soda & Water

Please fill out the registration form and join us!!!

NEW Member Benefit

The ASA Marketplace offers ASA Members great new opportunities - as well as its extensive coverage of existing benefits - to help small business owners save money on a variety of products and services to run your business.

FREE ASA Northwest Mentor Program Available!!!

FREE ASA Northwest Mentor Program - Is Your Business Still Making a Profit?
By Brian Johnson, Immediate Past Chairman of the Board, ASA Northwest

The economy has been tough for many businesses, including the auto repair industry. Many of us have seen sales volume not only stop growing, but also decrease the last couple of years. Do you have vendors that you owe 60 to 90 days out?  Very likely, if your business was making a small profit before, it is not making any profit now. These are signs that we need to ask for a little help.